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On Gran Canaria, TOTALDIS has a 3.200 m2 warehouse located in the Arinaga industrial estate, with excellent transportation links both by air and sea.

In addition, these headquarters are the home to the central services for the entire Las Palmas province (see map).


The personnel on Gran Canaria are arranged into the following departments:

  • Distribution Dept:
    Circulation Section.
    Incidents / Poll Section.
    Subscriptions Section.
    Promotions Section.
    Commercial and Marketing Section.
    Daytime Warehouse.
    Afternoon Warehouse.
    Night-time Warehouse.
    Distribution Inspection Section.
  • Finance Dept:
    Administration Section.
    Management Control Section.


In order to deliver products to both sale points and subscribers, TOTALDIS has in place a ROUTE STRUCTURE on Gran Canaria as follows:

To newspaper sale points:

  • Structure of Night-time Routes, specializing in Newspapers. Between 33 and 40 routes according to the delivery day.
  • Structure of Daytime Routes, specializing in Magazines, International Press and Promotions.

To subscribers:

  • Structure of Night-time Routes: Monday-Sunday: 11 routes.

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